Do Wrestlers Build Strength Through Bodybuilding or are Muscles Only For Show?

wrestling muscles
Wrestling Muscles:
Real strength or fake strength?
Many a WWE fan must have pondered along these lines. Are those muscles for real? Are these athletes bodybuilders-turned-wrestlers? Are they showmen (or women) turned superstar-wannabe? Or a bit of everything in the squared circle?

The answer to that honestly depends on the wrestler and his "role" in the game (face, heel, or John Cena -- take your pick, it doesn't matter).

However, for most wrestlers who take up bodybuilding and resistance exercises, muscles are not just for show (though that is an important part of the entertainment package) but also to build core stamina and strength to support their training, take falls and prevent career-ending injury.

This has become more prominent in recent years as wrestlers are evaluated for physical and mental health as part of corporate wellness and ethical requirements.

Let me tell you, the push toward "drug free" and "natural muscle" has become a real and a serious endeavor beyond simple, idealistic buzzwords of the late 80s and 90s.

Of course, we aren't totally away from the steroid junk of the past, but we're getting there... one step at a time.

Okay, enough background buildup. Let's now go back to the question at hand, which is that of wrestler fitness and specifically, muscle workout.

muscle building workout

You see, the wrestling entertainment industry is one of perpetual crossovers.

For example, you have wrestlers who have done time in mainstream WWE and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Or those who dabble in the independent circuit -- either Mexican wrestling (lucha libre style) or Japanese wrestling -- both of which require different training regimens even though they often see mutual competition in the cruiserweight division.

Hardcore technical wrestlers from the old school style need tremendous upper body strength to be able to lift their 300 lb opponents and execute a number of critical maneuvers in the ring.

These moves require strength, explosive power and agility. You can't do that with "show muscles". You need pure muscle power. (You think Arnold can wrestle? You think the Hulk can? What about The Rock?)

Fitness is #1 on the list, no matter if you're a bodybuilder, a wrestler, a footballer-turned-wwe-headliner, or any of the dozens of athletes keen on surviving more than 6 months in competitive sports (even if the operative keyword happens to be sports entertainment).

The same applies to incoming legends headed for eventual Hollywood stardom. Or locker room Average Joes dreaming of future hall-of-fame glory.

Besides, when you start lifting weights, do bench press regularly and create incremental body resistance, you develop strength even as you gain muscles. You can't split the two apart. You gain one (muscles) even as you build the other (body).

For heavyweight wrestlers, hypertrophy, or muscle volume, is an important workout goal, while for lightweight wrestlers building lean muscle mass and athleticism is significant to the quality of their training.

Both goals are driven by cutting-edge exercise science and modern kinesiology.

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