Heavy Weights vs Light Weights: Building Muscle As A Beginner

heavy dumbbell
Weight lifting progression
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It is common to want to lift heavy when starting off at the gym or at home. However, that's not the only way to train. Nor are heavy weights absolutely necessary to build muscle as a beginner.

Let us explain the reasons and context here.

You see, when you're just getting started, your body and muscles are slowly getting warmed up to the whole idea of weight training. They are getting themselves ready and poised for the work ahead.

But when you start lifting heavy right off the bat, not only do you risk stress & injury, you also don't stand much of a chance in the bodybuilding department. This ties in with our earlier assertion that muscles aren't built in the gym, but outside.

The purpose of exercise and weight training is to gradually build tension within your muscles so that they are pushed to grow... during rest.

This is the elementary physiology of muscle gain that so many people get wrong.

This also means that, starting out, you are better off lifting lighter weights and building muscular tension through gradual loading spread over a period of 8-10 weeks. This is also the best way to test your own body's response to increased weights, and estimating whether you’re ready to make the leap to lifting heavy.

Piling on those barbell & dumbbell plates in the hope of miraculously gaining pounds of muscle mass will only lead to fatigue and overtraining.

Just as the human body grows in spurts, muscle gain too happens in spurts. Remember this simple fact next time you're told to lift heavy as a beginner.

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