Leucine With Post-Workout Whey Protein

leucine molecule
Leucine is an amino acid of
vital importance to bodybuilders
It's a proven fact that whey protein enriched with branched chain amino acids (BCAA) improves the quality of protein supplementation for muscle recovery. What is less known is the nutrient maximizing role of Leucine, the primary BCAA that works alongside whey for protein absorption. (Eggs, soy protein isolate, game meat and edible seaweed, like spirulina, are some of the foods that are rich in leucine content.)

Amino acids are the basic building blocks that eventually convert to protein for muscle gain and strength. A post-workout shake -- like whey protein isolate -- is essential for muscle recovery. It is specially useful when had along with a carbohydrate drink or food, to replenish energy stores lost during workout.

However, it's been noted that when you add extra leucine to your post-workout drink, it improves protein synthesis and boosts anabolism. This is the reason why leucine is often quoted by bodybuilders and coaches as being an "anabolic trigger".

Even if your whey protein supplement container reads as having leucine among its ingredients, there are serious benefits in adding some more of it to your usual blend or shake.

With that in mind, here’s the recommended dosage: For every 23 gms of whey protein powder, add extra 5 gms of leucine. Drink this shake after you're done training.

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