Pre Workout Nutrition: How to Maximize Nutritional Meal Gains Before a Muscle Workout

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Nutrition precedes fitness gains in the gym
Keep it simple. You need proteins, carbohydrates and calories, in that order, to have the stamina to build muscle. If you're looking to get ripped and bulky then you need more protein and calories. If, instead, your purpose is weight loss and fat burning then the protein stays; cut down on calories.

Let's start with Carbohydrates.

They say that carbs are bad but that's not entirely true. You see, carbohydrates are the easiest digested source of energy before a workout, and you can get them quickly and cheaply by eating bananas. These fruits are a great source of energy, potassium (for nerve & muscle function) and you can have them with yogurt 30 minutes before your workout.

Next comes the big one -- Protein.

Keeping it simple, get your protein from a meal of 5-6 egg whites and a cup of oatmeal.

Oats are terrific sources of vitamin B and fiber. They also facilitate slow carb release into the blood which insures better energy to the muscles for endurance training.

Now, what about whey protein or casein, you might ask?

Sure, whey is popular but you won't need it if your nutrition is right. Of course, whey and creatine supplements have their utility (specially creatine which is important for muscle strength).

So if you're training to be a pro bodybuilder, or trying to bench press 1.5 times your body weight, or pushing your workout regimen beyond a certain endurance level that you're used too... THEN you can have a whey protein isolate (not concentrate) drink before your workout.

There's also something called Kre-alkalyn. It's a great whey & creatine alternative for pre workout energy.

And while we are on the subject of drinks, what about fruit smoothies? Don't they make good pre-workout energy drinks?

Yes, they do. But it's best to have those fruit smoothies for your post workout carbohydrate and glycogen boost (just after you're done training).

You need your pre workout meal to digest and assimilate relatively quickly, and foods like eggs, oats and bananas do the job quite well. They don't digest too fast (yes, that matters) and insure that the nutrients stay in your system to provide you with energy required for your weight training.

By the way, post workout is also a good time for your creatine shake. The carbohydrate / insulin environment increases uptake and absorption of creatine.

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